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Pest Prevention Tips for Student Housing

Pest Prevention Tips for Student Housing
With the start of a new academic year just around the corner, students from all over the country are preparing to move into student housing. While this is an exciting season, it’s also a time when pest control companies tend to see an uptick in requests for pest control. When you have multiple people sharing a building, the risk increases for pest problems. Here are a few pest prevention tips for student housing:

Proper Trash Disposal

Students should familiarize themselves with the trash collection services provided by your residential facility, and the procedures may be different from what they do at home. Remove trash regularly from your dorm, so that trash doesn’t accumulate and attract unwanted pests.

Keep a Clean Dorm Room / Apartment

In a small dorm room, tiny messes add up fast. Unfortunately, food crumbs and clutter create a suitable environment in which pest populations thrive. Encourage roommates to work out a cleaning schedule that ensures basic tasks such as sweeping and vacuuming are done regularly.

Proper Food Storage

Many dorms allow small kitchenettes and mini-refrigerators so that students have access to a quick meal when they cannot get to the cafeteria. For pest prevention, store dry goods in airtight containers made from hard metal or plastic that stops mice and cockroaches from being able to access the contents.


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Pest Control Tips For Your Home

Pest Control Tips For Your Home

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