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Three Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Home

bug in a home
Most people love to have guests over and to entertain, but not when those guests are bugs! Bugs can be a nuisance, carrying diseases and causing damage to your home. Make sure you keep bugs from coming over with three easy tasks.

Secure the Perimeter

As with any incoming invasion, it’s important to secure your perimeter. This means sealing doors and sealing around pipes or other things going into your home. You should also repair cracks you can see, as this gives bugs and easy way in. Also, make sure your window and door screens are pristine.

Store Food and Trash Properly

Don’t lay out a buffet for bugs, seal up your leftovers and open container pantry foods so they can’t find their way into the food. Also, make sure you’re disposing of trash in a proper manner, outside your home.

Stay Dry

Most of the time, bugs enter your home looking for water. Water is a source of life for bugs; they not only need water for drinking, but also for reproduction. Keep sinks dry and clean and reduce standing water in the home.
To make sure your home is bug-free, contact the pest control experts at Beebe’s Pest & Termite. We have served the Gulf Coast for more than 35 years!


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