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7 Ways to Make Your Home Mouse-Proof

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As cool weather sets in, mice tend to invade human homes for the winter. This time of year, many people see mice in and around their houses and apartments. Knowing what you can do to pest-proof your home can prevent mice from entering or living in your home.

1. Seal Holes in the Walls

Mice can enter your home through holes in the walls that are as small as 1/4 of an inch. Sealing the holes and gaps in your walls can prevent mice from entering your home. Holes can be found in many places, including:
  • The space around pipes that protrude from your walls
  • ​The cracks beneath front and back doors to the home
  • Entrances into the crawl space
  • Vents to the attic
  • Dryer vents and stove vents
Holes in the wall around pipes are not desirable and can be sealed or stuffed with steel wool. Cracks under the door can be closed with weather stripping or a door sweep.
Holes that are intended to be in the house, such as the vents and entrances to the crawl space, can be covered with mouse-proof wire mesh, which allows air flow and still prevents mice from entering the home.

2. Fix Leaks

Like other animals, mice need water to survive, which means that mice will naturally be attracted to water leaks in your home. Fixing your water leaks as soon as they become a problem can help keep mice away. Check under sinks, listen for drip-dripping noises in the walls and fix leaky faucets as soon as they become a problem.

3. Put Food in Glass or Plastic

Mice like to eat foods like crackers, cereal, grains, oats, peanut butter, and cheese. In addition to these foods, mice will consume nearly anything edible, including tea, coffee, chips, flour, sugar, cookies, and candy. Anything sold in boxes at the grocery store can become mouse food because mice can chew through cardboard boxes and bags.
One of the best ways to keep mice away from your home is to cut off their food supply. Putting your food into plastic tubs and glass containers as soon as you bring them home from the grocery store can prevent mice from getting into your food.

4. Remove Uneaten Pet Food

In addition to human food, mice also eat dog food, cat food, and other types of pet food. If your pet leaves uneaten food in his or her dish after meal times, put the food away or dispose of it as necessary.

5. Keep Your Garbage Sealed

In addition to pet food and human food, mice will also eat garbage. You can prevent this from happening by keeping a lid over your kitchen garbage, and by taking out your garbage overnight. Never leave the lid off your garbage while food is inside.

6. Cut Down Overhanging Trees

Mice are very good climbers, and often enter homes by climbing nearby trees and leaping onto the roof. To prevent mice from entering your home through the trees, cut down branches that hang over your attic.

7. Work With a Pest Control Company

If you've had problems with mice in the past, work with a pest control company to keep mice out of your home this winter. Your pest control company will likely keep traps in your yard and around your home. In addition, a good pest control company can work with you to find vulnerable parts of your home and seal off your property.
Do you have more questions about how you can prevent your home from getting mice this winter? Contact Beebe's Pest & Termite. We can answer your questions about mouse proofing your home this winter.


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