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4 Steps to Defeat Cockroaches

Pest Control

If cockroaches have invaded your space, don't despair. You can win the battle against the nasty pests with vigilance and patience. Here are four steps you must follow to get rid of cockroaches.

1. Find and Seal Access and Hiding Spots

Cockroaches can hide very well due to their compact, nearly flat shape. Cockroaches can live inside box flaps, behind wallpaper, and under appliances. Pick a spot where there's darkness, warmth, and close proximity to food, and you've found a great spot for a cockroach.

When you have a cockroach problem, you need to find the places where cockroaches are hiding around your home. They may have penetrated inside walls or taken up residence under your stove. Clear these areas and vacuum the debris that has fallen under and around appliances.

Deny access to infested areas by sealing up gaps in walls and leaving traps under appliances. A variety of gels and other cockroach control systems are available that can be used in areas that children and pets can't access.

If you're having trouble locating the areas where cockroaches hide, contact your pest control company to help you locate the mysterious hiding spots. The professional cockroach fighters can also suggest effective baits and other chemical treatments to kill cockroaches in areas where they hide.

2. Remedy Leaks and Other Water Sources

Cockroaches are drawn to water sources. Leaky pipes, outdoor faucets, leaking AC condensation, and other water sources should be fixed to deny cockroaches their daily water needs.

If your basement has a leaky foundation, have the cracks repaired and sealed to keep roaches away. Also keep gutter clear to avoid rainwater spills over the side of your home, and address drainage issues in your yard that could be funneling water to your home's foundation.

3. Keep Things Clean and Tidy

Wash areas with hot, soapy water to remove grease and other residue that may attract other bugs. Cockroaches feast on small bits of food, so practice good kitchen and dining room cleanup to prevent more problems.

Roaches may also leave behind a pheromone that attracts more roaches to a countertop or wall. If you keep all surfaces as clean as possible, you will wash away the pheromones and the cockroaches will lose the trail to your food.

You should also:

  • Clean up crumbs and juices immediately

  • Sweep floors several times a day

  • Store pet food in sealed containers

  • Seal trash and take outside promptly

The cleaner your home is, the less food is available for cockroaches to enjoy. When combined with professional pest control treatment, your tidy habits can starve out the nasty bugs.

Instill clean habits in kids by enforcing rules against eating food in bedrooms or the living room. If your kitchen is clean, but cookie crumbs are dug into the carpet, cockroaches will simply move from the kitchen to the cookie crumbs for their next meal.

4. Schedule Professional Cockroach Treatment

A serious infestation of cockroaches is no DIY project to take on by yourself. You need targeted materials and specialized equipment to reach the areas where cockroaches may retreat.

Home foggers and other products can be harmful to vulnerable people and pets. The insecticides in many of the home products are not designed to penetrate areas where cockroaches congregate.

Your pest control professional understands the life cycle of the cockroaches in your pantry. The trained pest expert uses products and methods of pest control that target both adult cockroaches and nymphs.

Several visits may be necessary to eradicate all of the cockroaches. A qualified pest control company will keep coming back until the bugs are gone.

If the bugs have got you down, contact Beebe's Pest And Termite Control to schedule professional cockroach control in Alabama, Louisiana, or Mississippi today.


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